Restaurant, The Ital Shack



The Organic and Cultural Way of Life

Open Sunday to Friday

Breakfast starting 7 am

Saturday Night 7pm until…



Daily Ital Meal (Balanced Vegan Meal)

Pattee : Mondays to Fridays

Roti : Tuesdays & Thursday

Soup: Monday to Friday

For Orders, Reservations call us at: 1 (721) 542-0055

We serve daily freash juices like tamarind, oats & lime, ice tea, passion fruit, beets, pineapple, carrot & celery and much more.  




image337.jpgThe Ital Shack serves local organic homegrown vegetarian food and fresh local juices. Eat healthy, think healthy, Ital juices.

The Restaurant is located at the Bush Road no. 07, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten.

image564.jpgRasta’s are generally adherents to a natural lifestyle. The Rasta way of living is generally referred to as Ital (it Ital, it vital). Rasta’s simply want to exist on and with what Jah provides. In a biblical sense, it has been said that the body is a temple and so, it should be protected and cared for as such. All things in nature, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, have been provided for I and I by the Almighty JAH and should be held sacred as life itself.

In the view of the Freedom Fighters Ital Shack owners, living Ital means that one will only eat food that is organic and natural. One common theme throughout the Ital views is nature. This includes nothing polluted with chemicals, or even packaged like foods in supermarkets.

The matching of herbs and spices to vegetables in Ital cooking is the result of a long and skillfully laid tradition originating from the African ancestry and cultural heritage of I-&-I Rastafari. JAH gave man every herb on the face of the earth to eat and so, they are essential ingredients to the diet of the Ital man.

image903.jpgBasically, Ital is living from what Jah gives and only altering it minimally (e.g. cooking). Substances such as alcohol (man-made) and tobacco filled with chemicals are generally frowned upon .

The Freedom Fighters Ital Shack is located in Philipsburg, on the Bush Road no. 7, between the Daily Herald Newspaper Office and the Prince Bernard Bridge.

A sample of our Vegan Meals