image568.jpgAt first the foundation was establish more for a Rastafarian musical Reggae band purposes. At the same time the founder Roland Joe better known as RAS BUSHMAN was busy with farming at St Peters, Marigot Hill. Ras Bushman reached St. Maarten the 3 of June 1985 where he continued his agricultural skills at a succession land in Marigot Hill.image917.jpg

Ras Bushman found the Rastafarian faith and culture in 1980 and follow although many obstacles and tribulations. Still he kept the faith and overcame till when he reached St. Maarten in 1985. Here he met with other Caribbean Rasta brethren and sisters and grow more in the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasi I the 1. And also understood that Haile Sellasi was the Almighty One, who came to fulfill the third person in this revelation time.

In 1988 Bushman started playing reggae music on drums with different local bands. In 1991 he established his own reggae band by the name Freedom Fighters. After one year on the twenty-seventh of February nineteen hundred and ninety-two the foundation Freedom Fighters was established by a notary act on the island of St. Maarten Netherlands Antilles.

Founding band members: Ras Bushman (Drums/ Vocals)

  • Ras Changa (Vocals)
  • Ras Amaziah (Guitar)
  • Chico (Bass/ Vocals)
  • Marvin (Keyboard)

image641.jpgIn 1993 Freedom Fighters where busy with the firs CD by the name JAH LIVE, with Bushman (Lead Vocals). The CD consisted of 6 songs 3 English and 3 Papiamento (Native language of Curacao). Together with Cornis Vanterpool (composing/ arrangements) and Tony Thewet (Keyboard). From 1994- 1998 Ras Bushman was more busy with Farming at his residence Bush road # 7 and Marigot Hill. In 1999 the Freedom Fighters band was revive again with different members. In January of the year 2000 the bands release the Jah Live Album. On the 2 of November 1999 Freedom Fighters organized there first show for H.I.M. Haile Sellasi I the 1, Coronation Celebration who is an annual event from that day on. On the 6 of February 2000 Black Story Celebration tribute to Bob Marley who from that day on is also a annual event. On the 17 of August 2000 tribute to honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey who is also a annual event too.