We are what we eat. When we talk about farming we look at agriculture. If we need the plans for oxygen and the plants need us for oxygen. Then why don’t we come together in harmony and start taking care of the trees and the plants and all living things around us. We see many parents proudly taking their children to the fast food establishments. Not knowing that 10, 20 years later the aftermath will be many weak and disease filled children that they themselves created. Like they used to say in the olden days herb is the healing of the nation but in these times its tablets filled with after effects they practice to heal people with. What is wrong with us? Don’t we love our selves? We are what we eat if we eat healthy we think healthy, and the best thing to do is to deal with culture and with nature. Plant your own foods, organic food. Herbs are the healing of the nation sanctify and heal your mind and your body with fruits, vegetables herbs and plenty of water. Water is the spirit of god, which we all need to stay alive. The human race has to drink water and plants need water, the animals need water. Water is the main source of life for nature, if we say we love the creator lets pray and do things for him to bless us with rain. Rain for us, rain for the animals and rain for the plants cause when we talk about agriculture awe must agree with culture. What is culture? Culture is a way of life our ancestor life for us to follow and if we don’t follow the way our ancestors lived then we don’t have any culture. Go in your farm and plant a seed with faith, hope, love and one day you’ll reap it.

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Conclusion: let us all give a helping hand to revive agriculture in the four corners of the earth plant one seed today and reap plenty fruits tomorrow Jah is good and holy to be praised.

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you got to agree with culture to have agriculture. There is no culture, without agriculture.

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